Motto & Vision

Constructing Relationships

Merlion Constructors Ltd. provides comprehensive construction services that implement innovative solutions to meet our client’s needs. From start to finish, we build solid foundations for lasting relationships.

The Price is Right

There never has been a time where meeting budget against supply chain constraints has been more important. With decades of experience from various projects, our experienced team is ready to provide expert guidance in managing project budgets.


We understand exactly what it takes to meet the most complex requirements, but goals need to be met on time. Whether it’s a commercial building or residential project, Merlion focuses on accuracy from the start, so that our clients get exactly what they want, when they want it.


Having the expertise to understand constructability and implement right strategies from conception allows Merlion to avoid unnecessary delays in future constructions. Avoiding the project to fail before it starts while planning the possible is the Merlion way.

Commitment to All and Any

Merlion Constructors Ltd. delivers professional quality and value to all projects regardless of size. From large scale commercial projects to residential units, Merlion has the experience to create a specialized solution for any client projects.